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Welcome to your jeweler Babylon

With our special and exclusive selection of jewellery none of your wishes be left unfulfilled!

Besides exquisite pieces of jewellery from Dubai, we also offer unique pieces from Italy and Thailand.

As multicultural as our selection was also the antique city of Babylon.
Already 4000 years ago the human civilization prospered under King Hammurabi and cherished the latest fashion and jewels.

Really popular became the city because of its fascinating arts and crafts, especially because of the complex and exquisite jewellery made of silver, gold and noble stones and due to their love for cultural exchange.

Still known today is Babylon due to the “Hanging Gardens of Babylon”, one of the Seven Wonders of the World and the “Codex Hammurabi”, the famous laws carved in stone.

But enough of history – enjoy your time on our website or visit us in our store!
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